The Wedding of Bonni Elizabeth Hall & Andrew James Bromage


Our wedding reception took place in the Junior Common Room at Queen's College. Following the ceremony, there was a general gathering of guests in the courtyard (known as "The Quad"), where the family, bride and groom, and guests mingled and enjoyed the very lovely day and setting. Photographs were taken, first the family pictures, and then the bride and groom went around a few locations at the College to have some photos taken of just the two of them. The reception began approximately 45 minutes after the end of the ceremony.

The Junior Common Room, known as the JCR, was once a formal dining room. It has very high ceilings, stained glass and oriel windows, wooden panelling on the walls, and two fireplaces (which remained unlit, due to the warm day). The JCR is rich in ambiance and mood, and that's why it was chosen over other possible rooms at the College.

The reception was opened by Rev. Prof. John Henley, Master of the College at that time. He gave a small speech and the Queen's College traditional prayer of blessing (in English, rather than the more formal Latin).

Since the reception was in the middle of a Sunday afternoon, it was a traditional tea reception, served buffet style, with finger foods of all sorts, from sausages to egg rolls to cold meats to fresh vegetables and fruit to stuffed mushrooms and stuffed pea pods (which we still talk about from time to time; apparently, they're "very fiddly" to make and the caterer did them herself, just for us). The College catering department really outdid themselves for the event! The food was plentiful and delicious, and there was fresh fruit punch, sparkling cider, tea, and coffee to drink.

The wedding cake was a lovely rich chocolate mud cake, iced with a thick, smooth, golden cream colored icing and topped with flowers which matched the bride's bouquet and other flowers. It has been traditional in Australia to have a fruitcake for the wedding cake, but as neither bride nor groom care for fruitcake, chocolate was chosen, which most of the guests seemed to like very much.

Music was Baroque and Romantic-era chamber music. The sound system was very capably set up the day before by the Best Man, Mr Greg Bromage, a handy bloke to have around.

Overall, the mood was relaxed and elegant, with a good deal of mingling and very few formal elements, other than the traditional cutting of the cake, drinking of toasts, and making of speeches. The bouquet (a special "toss away" one) was caught by Miss Kyla Wood, cousin of the groom.

After the event, apparently a number of the guests (Andrew's mother said "everyone") called to say what a lovely time they'd had and how nice a wedding it was. The bride and groom certainly agree!