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The Trinity Pages

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Please note: The name of this website has absolutely nothing to do with the orthodox Xian teaching of a triune deity. It also has absolutely nothing to do with The Matrix, a film which didn't come out until several years after I started using that name for this site (this site has been online with this name since about 1995 or so, though it wasn't always at this location). In fact, the name of this site is a personal one, having to do with the way my life has tended to run in cycles of threes. It is also a nickname I have been known to use in certain online recovery communities, which is why I started using it for these pages many moons ago; it was a way for others in the community to identify the pages with me. Please do not read more into it than there is. A name is just a name.

About The Trinity Pages

When our server experienced a catastrophic hardware failure in November of 2009, I took the opportunity to reconsider a few things regarding my websites and domains. One of the decisions I made was to drastically reduce the content of this site. At first, I was going to remove it entirely, but then I decided to at least keep a resources list (see below). Later, I decided to restore some of my original essay pages on certain recovery topics (linked below).

In other words, although this looks like primarily a link resources site, this site does contain original content.

If you're really interested, and you care at all about my story and why and how these pages came to exist, you can still visit the page within my personal site wherein I talk about my dysfunctional family and past. Just know that I am not that, not now. I have transcended labels like "victim" and "survivor" now. You can do the same, if you want it...

In any event, I sincerely wish you healing. And so it is.

Trauma & Recovery Resources

There are an enormous number of really good sites on the web which deal with trauma, abuse, healing, recovery, dissociation, and other related information. What I've tried to do here is link to many sites which have additional links, so that if you work at it a little, you can eventually find what you need and want to know.

Survivors Art Foundation

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Meditation/Hypnosis | Abuse Issues in Childbirth | Psychiatric Humor

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