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"Well, now that we have seen each other, said the Unicorn, "if you'll believe in me, I'll believe in you. Is that a bargain?"
Lewis Carrol, Through the Looking Glass

Questions & Answers

Do you ever get homesick for the United States?
No, not really. Only for a few odd things like squirrels, Constant Comment Tea, and corndogs (not necessarily in that order).

How long have you been on the internet?
I've been using the net since late 1993, and my first net experience was by using a university Unix account. I've had web pages since early 1994. I was a volunteer support person for my local community network from 1995 to about 1996. I became a professional internet geek, working for a medium to large ISP, in late 1997. I started my own web design firm in 1998. I got my own 24/7 server in 2000.

Do you have a life?
Yes, and it keeps me so busy and engaged that I don't ever feel the need to ask that question of other people.

Do you have an opinion on everything?
No. There are some things about which I don't know enough to have formed an opinion on them. For example, I have no opinion on most hotly debated topics of quantum mathematics.

Why do you get so fired up and passionate about stuff?

Why do you hate stupid people?
They're boring as hell, not to mention irritating. Well, to be precise, I don't actually hate stupid people. I don't care how stupid people are and I don't feel the need to enlighten or educate them. I just hate the stupid things that they do when and if their stupid actions negatively affect me or other innocent bystanders. So long as their stupidity only affects themselves, I couldn't care less, provided they shut up and stop trying to blame other people for their own stupidity. I guess you could say I actually hate stupidity. It just happens that stupid people tend to be the source of it.

Why do you make so many web pages?
My mother-in-law has a house full of needlepoint and cross-stitch and knitted things. I have a lot of web pages for the same reason she has so much needlework. It's something I enjoy doing.

You don't really believe you're an actual goddess, do you?
I can see you didn't read my disclaimer.

Why did you make this website all about yourself?
Because I can, for my own amusement, and for the benefit and amusement of the three or four people a year who actually want to visit. That it also occasionally pisses off the stupid and/or the humour impaired is just a nice bonus. You really should read the disclaimer...

Are you crazy?
Possibly, but I'm not mentally ill, nor am I mentally or emotionally disordered. I have a psychiatrist's certification to prove it, too.

Why did you spend so much time and money to bring your cat to Australia?
I love my cat. I've had her since she was a very small kitten, and she and I have a very special bond. My other cat was given to a good home before I left the States, so I'm not totally crazy (see above). Missycat is just very, very special to me and I was willing to pay the money and put in the time to bring her with me. It was totally worth it.

Do you have any brilliant insights or tips to share?
Educate yourself. Read. Look at what's going on in your own reality and wonder why. Grow. Don't just blindly follow the flock. Accept cognitive dissonance and allow it to put cracks into your accepted views of reality and your view of who you are. Never let fear rule you. Don't drink and drive. The answer to life, the universe, and everything is forty-two, and if you don't know why, you really should read more Douglas Adams. Most things worth having are worth figuring out how to get. Pain and suffering are not the same thing. Life moves pretty fast; if you don't slow down and look around once in a while, you might miss it. And if you don't recognize that quote, go out and rent Ferris Bueller's Day Off. You'll be glad you did.

Are you for real?
That's impossible to know. That which we call reality is experienced subjectively. In my own perceived reality, it can be said that I exist. In fact, my own existance is the only thing of which I can be sure. For all I know, you don't exist at all, nor does anything other than my own consciousness, and I'm dreaming all of this stuff that seems like "reality". Any more questions?

I thought not.


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