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"Well, now that we have seen each other, said the Unicorn, "if you'll believe in me, I'll believe in you. Is that a bargain?"
Lewis Carrol, Through the Looking Glass


People always want to know what someone they encounter on the net looks like. Okay, I guess I can understand that.

So, let's see, what do I look like. Well, I'm not as cute as my redhaired alter ego anthropomorphic unicorn, although she does bear a sort of "spiritual" resemblence to me in an alter egotistical sort of way.

I actually look like a naughty Baroque nymph. What's that mean? Well, here's a teeny weeny crash course in Baroque art (and remember, if it ain't Baroque, don't fix it):

Baroque (buh-ROHK) Fine Arts
A period in the arts, visual and musical, from about 1600 to about 1750, marked by elaborate ornamentation and efforts to create dramatic effects. (From the American Heritage Dictionary of Cultural Literacy)

Baroque art is characterized by figures with a lot of flesh and life to them, and, unfortunately, lots of gilded frames which are quite hideous. But the art is lovely if you can overlook all that gold gaudy stuff.

Anyway, some of the better known artists of the era were Rembrandt, Bernini, and Rubens (to name only a few). Rubens, in particular, was famous for his portrayal of fleshy, sensuous, pink and dimpled women. We get the word 'Rubenesque' from his work.

[thumbnail: nude In fact, here's an example of a Rubens painting which has just the sort of Rubenesque woman I mean. Judging by the face, I'd say the model for this Venus was none other than Hélène, the artist's wife, a frequent model and a woman who was considered to be a great beauty (the image is clickable; all the images on this page are).

Well, that's what I look like. Fleshy, pink, dimpled, and, by 17th century standards, very womanly and lush. My husband once walked into the room where I was lying nude on the bed, and said in a rather pleased tone of voice, "Wow. You look just like a Reubens painting." I took it as a compliment, as that's quite how it was intended.

In other aspects, I am, in the words of a friend of mine, an elective redhead. I've been a redhead since I was eighteen, and it suits me very well because I've got a very fair, rosy complexion. The natural color is a fairly boring medium ash brown with lots of gold highlights and, I've noticed, lots of gray around the temples (premature gray runs in the family and I got my first gray hair when I was about twenty-three). I tend to wear my hair short, clipped over the ears, although in the not-too-distant past I grew it all out past my shoulders until it absolutely drove me crazy and I got it cut off again.

My eyes are hazel. Mostly they're brown, but sometimes they're a very deep mossy green. I'm told they're my best feature, and I think that's probably true. My eyes are very expressive and soulful. Normally, they hide behind a pair of glasses, but I've been known to wear contacts.

My nose is short and slightly upturned, and I've been told it's "cute". My cheekbones are fairly high and rather wide, but not very prominent, and my chin is pointed and narrow, creating what they call a heart-shaped face. My lips are pretty nicely formed, I think, full and with a pronounced "cupid's bow" on the upper lip. My teeth are generally straight but not perfectly so, and I have a bit of an overbite. Oh, and I have dimples in my cheeks, the left one more visible than the right, possibly due to the fact that I tend to have a lopsided, smirking smile.

My face is very mobile and expressive, and overall, I think it's a pretty nice face, really. I'm not any sort of great beauty, but I am reasonably attractive, or I can be if I put a bit of effort into it. I'm not at all unhappy with my looks, in fact.

Being other than the current socially defined model of "beauty" (and make no mistake, the idea of what's beautiful definitely changes from era to era and culture to culture) has, in fact, forced me to rely on other than my looks. I had to develop an actual personality.

As for how else I look, well, I like to wear rings, usually a lot of them, and including my thumbs. I have three pierces in my left earlobe and two in my right, with another on the right up high on the side. I really like earrings and have a big collection of them, and I sometimes wear rather big and flashy ones, depending on my mood. In fact, I have a very big collection of jewellery in general, and I wear it, sometimes to what some people would consider excess.

Normally I wear a casual skirt, jeans, or track pants (sweatpants), with a tshirt or similar. My usual usual footwear is ugg boots, Crocs, or sandals if it's warm. When I'm dressing a little more professionally I tend to wear boots and dress pants, and I'm known to occasionally wear a blazer. On very rare occasions, I even go "black tie" and wear not only formal dress but also jewelry, makeup, and hairspray (this, however, is rare). I am told that when I make the effort, I look very polished, indeed. Unless I'm going somewhere that it's expected I look professional or dressy, I don't make the effort and just hang around in my sweats or jeans, and I never wear makeup unless I'm going somewhere significant (although I do wear sunscreen).

And now, since I know people don't like to believe just a description, I suppose I'll suggest that there are a few pictures of me in my online picture gallery, and more on my wedding website if you're really just desperate to see for yourself.

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