• Born 27 May 1964
  • A member of Generation Jones
  • Redhead and proud of it (even if it chemically assisted; my grandmother was a redhead and I inherited her pale skin, it’s just that nature got confused when it came to the hair)
  • Woman and very happy to be one
  • Curvy, neolithic earth-mother goddess figure
  • Expatriate American, living permanently and very happily as an Australian citizen in Melbourne
  • Very happily married to an Australian bloke I met on the net
  • Educated, amusing, intelligent, very modest (obviously)
  • Wielder of a dry wit and a strong sense of the absurd
  • Very maternal (and a mother)
  • Writer (amateur) and artist (semi-professional)
  • Reader (diverse subjects including history, biography, linguistics,
    theology, poetry, spirituality, romance, literature, science fiction, general fiction,
    historical fiction, nonfiction, parenting, Dr. Seuss, etc.)
  • Ironic, sardonic, sometimes sarcastic, often satirical
  • Passionate about perfumes, to the point of keeping a blog on the topic of fragrance and perfumery
  • Animal lover, particularly my cat and our many pet mice
  • Survivor and transcender of a dysfunctional family and of domestic violence
  • Serious computer geek with my own network server (on which this and about dozen or so other domains are hosted), used to work as support tech at a fairly large ISP, I’ve been on the net since 1993, I’ve been known to make jokes in hexidecimal code (honestly!), and I once got a motherboard for Mother’s Day (at my request)
  • Enthusiastic amateur photographer
  • Monty Python fan. Bigtime.
  • Deeply spiritual (Christ follower, quite metaphysical, highly eclectic, profoundly mystical, a bit Gnostic, mostly esoteric, not at all religious, absolutely Panentheist, generally heretical, vaguely Zen, and entirely uninterested in being converted, preached to, taught, threatened, shown the light, or otherwise have someone try to change my point of view to match theirs)
  • Lover of history and of art and, not coincidentally, of art history
  • Lover of music (all kinds, from rock to country to Motown to classical, with a particular fondness for The Beatles, George Harrison, and the Eagles)

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This Domain in a Nutshell


Bonni.net is a personal vanity domain. Yes, folks, it’s an old school personal homepage site, because I’m an old school net user and while I use various “Web 2.0″ facilities, I like the personal, quirky, eccentric form of self-expression that is a personal homepage.

I’ve had a personal homepage since early 1994, and bits of that original site can still be seen in my personal pages and in the unicorn pages, as some of the content there dates back that far. My first homepage was designed without graphics, because I only had a text-only browser at the time (I didn’t have the right kind of connection to the internet to use a graphical browser, which, in that day and age, was pretty much Mosaic). My second homepage, which was graphical, was designed in Netscape 1.1. I did many of the graphics on it myself, using Paint Shop Pro (version 3, I seem to recall).

This domain has been online since May 1998. It was the first domain I ever personally set up, and by “set up” I mean that I registered the domain, entered the DNS information on the name server, set up the virtual domain in the Apache server config, set up the mail aliases, everything. I didn’t have the luxury of a control panel. I did it all entirely by hand. Like I said: old school.